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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Tale of Two Breweries

After the blog about the wineries and now one on breweries, I’m sure there will be a cyber rumor that I’m a bit of an alcoholic. And I won’t entirely deny it. But, I especially love going to places like that when they offer food, which both of these Glens Falls breweries did.

Davidson Brothers has a great ambiance. It’s in an old brick building in downtown Glens Falls and has a nice outdoor patio area for diners. There are pieces of Americana throughout the two-story structure and there was a band playing in the background.

On a closer look, the menu is a bit pricey ($19.99 for a pasta dish!? As an Italian, I can’t help but take offense) but it is diverse with elaborate entrees and inexpensive sandwiches.

My boyfriend got the buffalo chicken soup which he loved, but, unfortunately, he said that was the highlight of his meal. (He opted for one of the over-priced pasta meals)

And our friend was not too happy either with his $27.99 Lobster and Filet Mignon meal. Oh sure, you expect to pay that much for a meal like that. But the portions were ridiculously small, with maybe two filets an inch in diameter, and two small lobster claws.

I was, overall, happy with what I ordered. The nacho-like appetizer, on the specials list, was very good and you can’t really go wrong with sweet potato fries and a wrap that has hot sauce and avocado (Spicy Avocado wrap ~$8.50).

Still, the experience left a bad taste in the mouths of at least two in our group and we needed a palate cleanser.

So, we tried the other brewery that my boyfriend and our friend had heard about: Cooper’s Cave Ale Company. This is also located in Glens Falls, right on a bike path.

I have to say the brewery/pub/ice cream stand saved the day. I had their Fudger-Nutter (peanut butter and chocolate milkshake) which was delicious at around $4.50 and my boyfriend had the strawberry cheesecake ice cream in a cone. Our friends opted for two of the many soft serve choices since the business has a soft ice cream machine that can make a wide variety of flavors other than the traditional chocolate, vanilla, and twist. I want to go back and try the chocolate mousse soft serve.

We also tried several of their beers and sodas inside. Any place that has a strawberry soda called Dracula’s Blood gets an A in my book.


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