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Friday, February 1, 2013

Nat Geo's Literary Cities

As a former English major, this caught my eye: National Geographic's Top Picks for Literary Cities.

I have to admit, my time spent in London and Edinburgh were some of the most influential and inspiring in my life.

There's something about walking down an old, narrow street and seeing a plaque that states Charles Dickens once lived in that very row house (which, actually, isn't that uncommon in London since the guy bounced all around the city - I think they call him a modern day realtor's true friend because of that since his name has probably helped with a good share of property sales).

And you have to be slightly in awe when you hear about J.K.Rowling not having enough money for heat so she spent most of her time at a cafe writing in Edinburgh. Voila - Harry Potter.

The museum in Dublin dedicated to writers is definitely something to see, as are the landmarks the writers discussed in their works.

And, according to the list, I should apparently make my way over to the west coast in the US at some point which is on my to-do list, I just have another reason to go be inspired.


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