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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thoughts on Dave & Busters in Albany

The Dave & Busters in Crossgates Mall has been open since August but I just went inside the 33,000 square foot venue for the first time last week for a friend's 31st birthday.
It was a Wednesday night and I have to admit I was surprised there was such a large crowd there for a "school night". I was told later that it was half-off games on Wednesday.
My initial thought - which seems to be the consensus - is that it's very casino-like. There are games with neon lights and sounds going off everywhere. Nearby the games - ranging from Wheel of Fortune to Connect Four to the Huge Claw -  there is a bar/restaurant and you can get deals to eat and play.

You have to get a Dave & Busters card to use the adult Chuck E Cheese-like machines which, in turn, give you Chuck E Cheese like tickets for prizes. Some might find it better to use all their tickets for a prize that visit and others work their way towards the goal of a big prize down the line.
The Crossgates location is at the same end of the mall as the movie theatre. There's no charge to go in and walk around. It's certainly an interesting ambiance. Along with a group for my friend's bday gathering, I also ran into a sorority sister from undergrad. Small world.
You can find more information here and in my prior blog on the grand opening.


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