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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Plans: Booked

I had blogged earlier about where I was planning to travel this summer including, but not limited to - Popham Beach in Maine, Acadia National Park, Jones Beach State Park, and Nantucket.
I'm happy to say that, while nothing else is really "planned", Jon and I will at least have places to stay at these destinations.
After some looking around and shifting around the schedule (pronounced in my head as shedule), we decided on these camping grounds and accommodations:

For Popham Beach - Meadowbrook Camping Area, which is located about 8 miles from that beach. I guess the selling point for Jon was that the campgrounds have a lobster bake daily with all the fixings. I, personally, liked the price ($30 for tents) and the short distance to the beach.

(In this area, I also looked at Ocean View Park, which has oceanside camping but unfortunately didn't have availability for the time we were looking at; and Chewonki Campground, which was further from Popham but closer to the main roadways and located on a midcoast ocean inlet)

(Popham Beach)

For Acadia National Park, we got one of the last in-park camping sites for July 4th weekend. After reading some reviews, I read that Seawall Campground in Acadia is slightly nicer than Blackwood in that it is more central to park attractions. But, we'll get to settle for being more secluded since we have a walk-in site in the campground that is apparently more isolated. And I'm OK with that.
Jon and I are excited to visit Acadia, the first National Park located on the Eastern Coast and apparently the location where, at some times of the year, you can see the sunrise before the rest of the continental U.S. This will also be Jon's first experience at a National Park.

For Jones Beach State Park, and our tickets to NIN/Soundgarden, we'll be trying out AirBnB again - this time with a man named David at his place in Uniondale, about 15 minutes from the State Park and concert venue. Our first experience with AirBnB wasn't the best, but I'm hoping it was just a fluke.

(Nantucket Hostel)

And, in Nantucket, we're going the inexpensive route (surprise!) and staying at the Nantucket Hostel which is only a block from the beach. Sure, it's a hostel, but you can't beat that location for $40 per night per person. No, seriously, I looked, you really can't beat it.

Unlike many past summers, this upcoming season isn't nearly as jam-packed with commitments so I'm still hoping there will be a few other trips - mainly along areas of the east coast.

*What are your summer plans? Have you already booked everything or are you waiting til later in the season?*


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