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Friday, September 5, 2014

Troy on Tap Scavenger Hunt

As your (self-designated) beer correspondent, I thought I should share some info on the Troy Craft Beer Week's Scavenger Hunt, which - as of today - you have about one day to complete. Totally do-able.

The Scavenger Hunt includes: 1) Picking up a Playing Card at one of the participating bars. 2) Visiting the 10 participating bars in Troy. 3) Figure out the clues for each bar. 4) Drink the corresponding beer. 5) Get your card stamped and repeat nine more times.

Once you complete the card, bring it to the Troy on Tap festivities at Riverfront Park on Saturday, Sept. 6 from 1pm to 5 p.m. (note that the VIP time is from 1-2pm)

Your completed card will earn you a T-shirt and a chance to win a trip to the Shipyard Brewery in Maine.

Since I'm feeling nice today, I'm going to share the bars and clues so maybe you can ponder these a bit at home or work then visit them all tonight or tomorrow midday, before the event.

Bombers - Are YOU IN TA this scavenger hunt yet? This American IPA from Utah recently went through a name change but the beer is the same...full of hops and delicious.

Bacchus - This IPA from Maine packs a PUNCH with Warrior, Glacier, and Cascade hops and is nothing to Monkey with.

O'Brien's Public House - This beer had a very successful season at Saratoga Race Track and has now galloped to Troy. You are your choices.

The Ale House - This black IPA Hails from San Francisco and is probably a favorite of AC/DC.

Bootleggers - This hard cider from Buffalo, NY has released a seasonal cider this year that tastes like liquid pumpkin pie.

Dinosaur BBQ - This beer could have FLOWN into Troy from Chicago in the FLYING V formation wearing lederhosen.

Ryan's Wake - This cross Between an IPA and a Wheat Ale is brewed in Elmira, NY from a brewery proud to NOT be near NYC.

The Ruck - The tap Handle dripping with pumpkin guts might be scary, but this dark and roasty seasonal is just scary good.

Finnbar - This beer style name might be French, but the ROOT of this beer is indigenous to China. Add to it some Belgian yeast and local ORGANIC ingredients and the end result is nothing short of mouth watering.

Uncle Sam Lanes - Another NEW brewery from New York State boasting hometown pride. BUFFALO is home and they are not BITTER about it.

(These are *exactly* how the clues look on the card. Note capitalization. Another hint: this is being sponsored by, a local beer distributor.)

Also, I'm not entirely sure that each clue is for a particular bar. They might be general clues for all or you might need to go in detective mode. I put the bars with the clues in the order they were each listed on the sheet.

Good luck!


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