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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm Going to Give Up Social Media for Charity

I have an idea but I want to get people's input on if they'd participate/help: I want to give up social media from Thanksgiving Eve to New Years Eve for charity.
Here's how it would work - I would not check or post on *any* social media (no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no G+, no Pinterest, which I don't check anyway, etc) for those 35 days and for every day that I am not "plugged in", I would ask that people pledge an amount to a worthy cause (so far, I'm thinking maybe Friends of Camp Little Notch or Col. Albert Pawling Memorial Statue Project, or both).
Camp Little Notch is a former Girl Scout camp in the Adirondacks which is now run by many of its former campers to serve today's youth and provide a natural sanctuary for adults as well, on the eastern side of Lake George.
The Pawling Statue Project is a local endeavor that is partially being spearheaded by my brother Adam to erect a statue of Troy's first mayor, Albert Pawling, at the intersection of Pawling Ave. and Congress St.
I would have my co-workers, family, and friends keep me in check to make sure I'm following through - and make sure I'm not "cheating".
If I do fall off the wagon, I would pledge $25 per day that I cheat.

My goal would be to raise at least $1,000 in those 35 days. I would need at least 29 people to pledge $1 per day (or $35 total) to reach that goal.
The way I see it, this would be a win no matter what: some local causes would get some extra money, I would finally have extra time to write more (both for work and for my own projects) and you'll get a break from my random posts for a few weeks.
So, friends, what do you say? Do I have 29 people who will donate $35? Or maybe 66 people who will donate $15?
If so, I'll set up the donation site (or link to the appropriate sites) and we'll be ready to go offline Nov. 26.


Blogger Betty said...

the friends of little notch are excited to see you do this :) - good luck

November 19, 2014 at 7:26 AM 

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