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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Top 10 Capital District Blizzard of 2015 Posts

It's being hailed as the blizzard that never was in many parts of New England. Winter Storm Juno was expected to have "historic" snowfall which resulted in transportation closures, most notably in the New York City.

While many coastal areas did get a foot of snow or more, many of us awoke on Tuesday to nothing more than a dusting which would eventually become a few inches of fluffy, powder.

I enjoyed people's initial reactions and overall observations. I wanted to share my favorite memes, Facebook and Twitter posts.

Here they are, with one honorable mention as well:

10) Srsly...

9) "Blizzards" with "laser beams"...

8) Nice commentary on contemporary issues...

7) Next!

6) I liked this, but I did see it a bit too much on FB

5) aHa!

4) Gotta love Wait, Wait...

3) Oh, let's throw another ball joke in here for good measure

2) Right?

1) This was creative and funny, though I think some took it literally.

Honorable Mention to those non-disgruntled, non-snarky folks out there who ended up enjoying the snow we did get:


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