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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Being Lazy near Lake Luzerne...

I love being around water in the summer….or the fall, or winter….or really anytime. But, especially in the summer. So, when I was invited to go tubing on a Hudson River tributary I was really excited.

It was for my friend Danny’s birthday, and he and his wife had decided on having the get together at the Tubby Tubes Company in Lake Luzerne.

The beau and I had some issues getting there because I had apparently written down the wrong address and it took us a couple miles further than we needed to go. I guess, we probably should have suspected as much when we passed the Tubby Tubes park (which is basically across the street from the tubing operation).

They have a couple changing rooms and a couple restrooms, which is good because I forgot to put on my suit beforehand.

What I did not know was that water shoes are required since there is a point on the trip where you walk around on very slippery and annoyingly small river rocks. I decided to just use my sneakers and my bf had to rent shoes for $5.

Next was waiting in line for a lifejacket and then for our guide, a bearded Wildman named Phil, to hop on a colorful bus and make a few announcements. The buses are all named and I took Gus. I don’t really know why. It just sounded fun.

For a family-friendly experience, the guides on our bus were a little raunchy with their jokes (some about Jesus and poop). I, personally, didn’t mind. I really did not have a right to be since we had Labatt Blues in our cooler in the back of the bus, which we drank as we waited in line to get in the water.

The laidback company allows you to bring snacks and drinks. The tours range in length from two to three hours. Prices also range from $22 to $33.

The Buttermilk Float, as our tour was called, included some lazy tubing in some small water currents and minor rapids. There was also a break where we could go in the currents without the tubes for fun.

All of the guides were really fun and helpful and the experience – we lucked out and went on very hot day – was great. Tubby Tubes: 1372 Lake Ave in Lake Luzerne (this is the right address, I promise), and phone 696-5454.

I’m thinking about doing it again, but investing in my own tubes so I can explore the Adirondacks waterways and find a faster-moving place to tube.


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