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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Titanic dock remains, intact

So, the fun thing about my job is that I get to meet a lot of interesting people. Really, this is the only benefit of my job (I'm almost not kidding). This week, after talking business with a guy for a while, we got to talking about cruises.
I've never been on a cruise. I've heard good and bad things about them, so I really should give them a shot at some point.

But on one of this person's last trips, via Yankee Trails I think, to New York City for a cruise launch, he said he saw the dock where Titanic was scheduled to arrive. Amazingly enough, nearly a century later, it is still there. And it is still owned by the White Star Line too, though they apparently use a different name now since it merged with a rival line and is part of the Carnival Corporation now.
And, after some modern day Web browsing/researching, I found that the same dock (Pier 54) was where the Lusitania last left port before sinking, killing about 1,198. Titanic's fatal and maiden voyage had slightly more, 1,517. (that's the Lusitania below)

I've been looking more into the Titanic history since I'll be visiting where it was built, Belfast, in the fall. I hear they're doing some things to mark the centennial next year.
I just hope when I eventually take a cruise ship that it does not leave from Pier 54, given the track record.


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