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Monday, June 6, 2011

Elvii and Americade

While traveling the BLT (as my dad calls it) of the North Country through the Adirondacks back to the Capital District from SLU, we passed - or tried to pass - several large groups of motorcycles. It was a nice day for ride through the Adirondacks but I think the reason we saw so many of the bikers was because of Americade.
I've always had a fascination with motorcycles and deep down I have told myself that I would like to learn to ride them and own one someday...but I have never intentionally gone to Americade.
I have, however, unintentionally gone a few times. I unintentionally do a lot of things. That's half the fun of life, I think.
The weekend usually coincides with prom time and I remember being up there for my senior prom trip to Lake George. It's both amazing and intimidating to see hundreds of motorcycles line the streets of the village. It kinda reminds me of how most movies portray post-Apocalyptic worlds - with biker gangs, mohawks, and leather, a lot of leather.
And last year, again unintentionally, I caught the unofficial beginning of Americade which - I don't know if you have ever noticed - is also when the annual Elvis weekend is in Lake George. I was with a bachelorette party, we had gone on a sunset cruise on the lake and went out that night where Elvii, as we began to call them, filled the bars and restaurants. I made it a mission to get as many photos of the bride with the Elvii as possible.

As we were leaving the next day, the bikers started invading.
Considering Americade has become "the world's largest multi-brand motorcycle touring rally" and considering how nice/hot the next few days are going to be (in the 80s and 90s the National Weather Service just told me), it seems like a trip up would be a good idea for this upcoming week. Their itinerary includes bbqs, boat trips, costume contests and even a parade Saturday morning.
Or, you can do what I do and just unintentionally go after hiking, biking, or shopping at the outlets in Lake George and then just stand in awe at the sight of an estimated 50,000 strong group. Hopefully you also have unintentionally put some ear plugs in your car too. Thousands of motorcycles tend to make just a bit of noise.


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