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Friday, May 27, 2011

Stout (Disclaimer: I don't like beer, least of all stout)

So, as you probably have noticed from past posts, I go to a lot of beer related things: beer festivals, breweries, beer-focused bars. But do you wanna know a secret? I'm actually not that big a fan of beer. (shhh, don't tell my will ruin my party girl image completely)
I'm really more of a liquor and wine person these days. But....I can appreciate any venue that mainly offers beer as long as there's a good time to be had.
And the new Stout bar offered this.
It, along with the City Beer Hall, had its soft opening last night so they both were only accepting cash which was annoying but understandable. And I believe they are accepting credit cards now, or at least they said they would.
Stout is just across the street from the Biergarten and owned by the people who run Graney's in Albany and they offer the same yard-long beer containers (see my friend Eric displaying his proudly).
This bar, aside from the very Irish theme, did not really strike out as very different from other Albany nightlife spots. It was like a fusion of Juniors with Lionheart - a pub feel with sports playing everywhere on flat screen TVs.
I think part of the reason I wasn't impressed was because, as stated earlier, I really don't like beer as much as I used to. My bf loved this place especially due to the beer selection (displayed kinda like the Biergarten's on an overhead chalkboard) which included hard-to-find McSorley's on tap.
The waitresses all wore green garter belts which I found interesting and there was an outdoor patio area.
Their food selection, last night anyway, just included deli sandwiches (we had one and it was very good and fresh).
The bar was a good time though and we had fun with friends. And I always enjoy checking out new places - even if they are named for my least favorite beer of them all.
But, of the two we went to last night, I liked City Beer Hall just a tad more (you can't really compete with a long awaited mechanical bull). Though, I have a feeling I'll stumble over to Stout again maybe after filling up on a good German meal across the street.


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