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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


There's something very important about traveling that I have yet to address in my 83 blog posts so far. And that would be - souvenirs.

Who doesn't love souvenirs? You get them for yourself, for your family, and friends...and you even bring back that T-shirt for your favorite co-worker.

When I travel, I tend to keep it on the cheap and just get postcards. Mainly because I'm running out of room for other things and I just enjoy the little photos and pictures a lot. I bet I have one of the best collections of postcard artwork in the world because I started that tradition a while back where I get at least one card in every art/museum I go to. My favorite of those is probably a Botticelli work from the National Gallery in London.

But MSN just had two interesting pieces about souvenirs - one about the things you should buy when traveling and another about the impulse buys you really won't miss (and they pictured those fun Statue of Liberty green hats people get....I kinda like mine actually and I have a free torch/flashlight to go with it).

I tend to agree with a few of the items on the to-buy list. For example, I LOVE my Irish sweater and I only wish there were more occasions to wear it. And I know my mom liked the amber necklace I got for her in Denmark. I also enjoy my Murano glass and Carnival mini-mask.

And I still remember how full my suitcase was after six months in Europe and Eurasia, due to souvenirs. I technically had over the weight limit but the guy was nice and let me by, not sure if I'd be so lucky today.

The only thing I wondered from the list was why it had so many Balinese souvenirs. Guess I'll have to find out for myself eventually...


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