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Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding, pffft

You may have noticed I neglected to write anything about the British Royal Wedding.

That was intentional.

But, according to every single media outlet ever, it did happen.

Don't get me wrong, I love British culture. I lived in London for months. One of my goals while there was to try to memorize the royal line. That, by the way, is really hard.

Still, I really had no interest in this wedding and I became even less interested as I was bombarded by tweets, status updates, headlines, and blogs to watch it.

To date, I hate yet to watch any video or examine any photos of the event.

So, in your Face media (of which I am technically part of...and I technically did write quasi about the wedding....technically...I guess....).

I'll leave this off on three notes:

One - yay for Osama's death getting the new attention of the news entities (because at least that is news worthy)

Two - (a new joke I heard that is English related) London culture is driving in a German car, to an Irish pub, to drink Belgian beer, eat Indian food, and watch the Italians kick Spains butt in football/soccer - while shouting British phrases like "Wanker!" and "Bloody Hell!"

I added that last part myself. Have to give the Brits some credit.

And Three - Tell ya what, since I did no coverage of this wedding at all. I'll cover the be-jesus out of a wedding you probably won't care about but means a lot to me. My friend Clementine's wedding in N. Ireland. First update: I just got her wedding dress today mailed to me at work (long story, don't ask). It's white.


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