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Friday, May 6, 2011

During my lunch break, I get to have a pie thrown at me

As I get ready to take my lunch break from work, during which I plan to get two pies thrown at my face by a blonde 2nd grader, I want to remind everyone to visit the circus this weekend.
You probably wonder what one has to do with the other. Well...
I participated in a Clown College a week ago and today is our graduation, which apparently includes pie throwing. Only I don't get to throw any. Seems kinda unfair, doesn't it?
Oh well, the college was fun. Several members of the media were matched up with Make A Wish kids and we learned clown routines and some tricks. My little partner's name is Faith.
And I actually look forward to seeing her face, as shaving cream runs down my forehead, after she throws the "pie" at me.
The families, and some of the media peeps, then get to enjoy the circus show tonight.
I attempted to go last night but it didn't quite work out.
So, I gave my tickets for tonight's show, since I have a family obligation, to my friend Eric and his girlfriend. (They have awesome seats too.) Make sure to wave to them tonight. If shaving cream supplies last, I may instruct Faith to throw a pie at them too...
Anyway, I got off topic. The shows at the Times Union Center run through Sunday and last night was pretty full. I wouldn't be surprised if the weekend shows are even more packed, which is good news for everyone (well, except the animal cruelty protesters).
There's nothing quite like a circus, so I encourage one and all to escape for a bit and enjoy elephants, acrobats, jugglers, clowns, and more. I'll be enjoying the part that counts...making a kid smile.
Ok, off to get a pie thrown at me....


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