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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Euro, Dollar Conversion

Over the past few weeks, the conversion of American Dollars to Euros has becoming increasingly more beneficial for the American tourist. Finally!
It's taken months/years of a poor economy in Italy and Greece, and the EU re-thinking if the Euro was a good idea, but the conversion rate is now $1 for .7669 Euros. Six months ago it was .7031. It's been slow but steady progress....well, for us anyway. Though, it was also about the same rate a year ago.
Still, with no real solution for the Euro issues, I'm thinking the rate should continue to improve (well, again, for us anyway).
Overall, despite ongoing problems, I think having the same currency in most European countries has been beneficial for tourism and investing but there needs to be more regulation of the Euro. But, until my next trip to Europe, don't tell the EU that, kay?


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