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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disney Cruises Out of New York City

I've had cruises on my mind a lot. It's probably because it seems everyone but me has been on one. It also might be because we're in a weird weather spwinter - where it's not quite spring or winter and it's depressing. So, it'd be nice to go to a place that's not going to temperature menopause and can make up it's mind about what weather to have. Thinking such a place might exist in warmer climes.
With all that being said, Yankee Trails World Travel recently announced that Disney Cruise packages departing from New York City are being offered for the first time.
From a recent release:
Beginning May 25, 2012, the Disney Magic will sail 20 cruises from New York with three unique and varied itineraries including an eight-night Bahamas cruise, a five-night cruise up the New England coast, and three two-night cruises that are designed for families looking for a quick getaway.
“We are excited that we are now able to provide our customers with a Disney Cruise package out of New York City,” said Stephen Tobin, President of Yankee Trails World Travel. “As part of the Disney Cruise package, we offer our no-hassle shuttle service, Cruise Express. Travelers park at our Rensselaer office and we take care of the driving and parking with a convenient drop off at the port of departure.”
Yankee Trails’ “Cruise Express” program offers Disney cruisers door-to-door shuttle service between Yankee Trails World Travel’s corporate offices and the docked cruise ships in New York City, making it easy and affordable for Capital Region travelers to get to and from the cruise pier.
Previously, Disney cruises were only available from Florida, adding the additional cost of airfare for local families that wanted to participate.
“Yankee Trails World Travel is always prepared to accommodate the needs of our customers and we already have 24 shuttles set aside for this package,” said Jeff Adams, Director of Marketing. “This is going to be a very popular cruise in the area and our package makes it easy and affordable for families to travel in this economy.”
Also available for the first time in 2012, Yankee Trails World Travel will offer the Cruise Express program for cruises departing from Boston. For more information, visit
About Yankee Trails World Travel:
Since 1957, Yankee Trails World Travel has been providing safe, affordable motor coach transportation to patrons in and around Upstate New York. In 1999, the company expanded their services to offer full-service transportation via air and cruise travel packages. The company remains one of the Capital region’s premier family-owned and operated private businesses. The company’s slogan “Let’s Cruise” is very familiar to many Capital Region residents.


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