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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cottages on Cape Cod

Fact: Everyone you know has stayed in a cottage in Cape Cod with their family. Everyone.
Ok, maybe not. But it seems like it sometimes, doesn't it?
It took me 27 years to see what all the hype was about with going to Cape Cod and I have to admit it was great.
Both times I've gone after peak season, though, in September. Once with a friend visiting from Germany and another time with my boyfriend for his birthday.
On the first trip, I saw seals playing near Marconi beach. On the second trip, I ate seafood while sitting near Britney Spears. (
Don't tell anyone but I was actually more excited about the seals.
But I still have not stayed in a cottage there. It sounds like a great idea - get some friends together, take a week off, spend the days on the beach and the nights drinking with buddies in the moonlight. Sounds....relaxing.
And, anyone who follows my blogs knows I don't do relaxing on vacations. I do see/experience-as-much-as-I-can trips. But, maybe one day.
And hopefully that day is closer for you than for me....and, if it is, I just got an email from the Red Jacket Resort which is the place my boyfriend and I stayed at. Not only do they have awesome seaside hotels, they also have cottages.
According to the promotion, if you book by March 31 for a trip at least 7 days long at a cottage - you get $100 in groceries, $50 in gas, and daily housekeeping. Sound like a good deal? Here's the link:


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