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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chocolate Strawberry Milk

So, this has absolutively posilutely nothing to do with travel but I really wanted to share.
Mixing strawberry syrup with chocolate syrup in milk is actually amazingly good. To me, it really did taste like a chocolate strawberry....but with milk.
I found this out recently since we had both syrups in the fridge, my sister's boyfriend stocked up on them, and I always like experimenting with food. You never know when you might find the next odd but yummy match. (Like mozzerella sticks and rasperry sauce....who would have thought that'd be good? But it is.)
And this is definitely a hit in my book.
Apparently I'm not the first to discover this. A friend of mine also recently mentioned it. But, given this concoction's awesomeness I'm surprised it isn't more mainstream. Like they'd look at me funny if I went to a diner and asked for this, I'm pretty sure. Or maybe not? Depending on the diner.
But, in any case, I wanted to do my part to spread the good word....chocolate strawberry milk. It does the body good.


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