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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

EZPass: I've been vindicated but why aren't I happier about it?

So, you are probably sick of reading about my EZPass misadventures. Well, I'm sick of writing about it. And I think we are both finally going to get what we want - this should be my last blog about it because I've been told my violation case has been closed.

Though, I've been led to believe something along these lines before...and all that ended in my case, four months later, being sent to NCO, a collections firm. But I think I believe it this time because it didn't come from a bottom of the totem pole customer service person at EZPass, it came from an "operations agent" which sounds way more important.

What bothers me about this conclusion, though I'm really glad this all is concluding, is that as a last resort I had to use a connection I knew of at the state who I thought might be able to either give me some advice or pass my issue on to someone more compentent than people I'd been dealing with.

So, I sent my friend a letter via email that I sent to NCO which gave a short and long version of my situation when I appealed it at NCO in December (short version basically: I screwed up, went through the EZPass without a EZPass thingie - mind, that it was downpouring and I had just lost a windshield wiper, and was unfamiliar with the area - and then paid the toll - with the waived admin fee at the time - to the wrong violation account since EZPass sent me the wrong account number. All I wanted was my $5.25 to be transfered to my account.)

I sent that to my friend on Tuesday and I got a call from operations on Wednesday. It was that easy.

But there are so many people out there who don't know the same people I do and can't use this as a tactic. Some of them somehow get through the ridiculous red tape but some don't. I've come across both through my social networking on the topic.

The whole thing really does make me wonder how much EZPass makes from all these people who make mistakes, and how many appeal, and how many appeals are actually granted.

Since most of the saga has taken place through mail (I have a fun little pile I've kept), part of me wants to call EZpass operations and tell them to send me a letter basically saying this is over - and maybe even saying "Sorry, we screwed up."

But, I don't think I'll call them. I think this time I'll take them for their word. I mean, it worked out really well for me before....right?


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