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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Continued Misadventures of a Would-Be Philanthropist

You may have saw my Facebook post yesterday on being shut down by the state for doing a charity ice cream event at the Empire State Concourse. Something about setting up in front of the Department of Health and the DOH officials not being convinced the operation was completely sanitary. *pish posh*
 On top of the fact that we were supposed to pay a $30 fee (even though all proceeds were going to charity).
What I haven't posted about yet is that I'm starting to see a trend with my philanthropic events that involve ice cream.
I mean, my adult Easter Egg Hunt was a great success - almost 100 people came, more than a dozen businesses donated items, we raised $700. And it was a blast.
I think the key was that it did not involve ice cream.
Ok, I'll admit, the Ben & Jerry's Leukemia & Lymphoma event went pretty well too where a friend and I stood in front of both the Troy and Albany Ben & Jerry's shops on Free Cone Day and collected donations. That raised about $475.
So, maybe I'll be more specific....LLS events + me + scooping ice cream = disaster.
I think fate was trying to tell me this when the Troy Farmer's Market did not want me to offer donated Stewart's ice cream Make Your Own Sundaes this past Saturday (even after talking with the resident ice cream vendor). I guess this was mainly because Stewart's was not a vendor at the Farmer's Market. Understandable.
But, aside from my run in with the state yesterday, my latest evidence that LLS, myself and ice cream are not a match is from my experience this morning. You see, after talking with the Troy Farmer's Market resident ice cream seller, Battenkill Creamery, they had offered to donate ice cream as well. Yvonne over there has been great to work with and we've been exchanging emails now for the past couple weeks.
We had scheduled to have me pick up 2.5 gallons of their chocolate ice cream today at the Troy Hannaford. Well, having grown up in East Side Troy, to me the Troy Hannaford is the one on the city border in Wynantskill but apparently she meant the one in Lansingburgh on the other side of town.
I got up at 6am today - for those who do not know me I only get up that early for two things: hiking and Bill Clinton events in Saratoga Springs, but I made an exception to my rule today for the donation which I planned to dish out tonight at Troy Night Out.
I got to the Wynantskill Hannaford a little late, which is normal for me, and waited there from 6:40am until 7am. I was told the guy, Ed, would meet me between 6:30am and 7am. By 7am, I went inside and asked if I had missed the truck driver and the person I talked to told me they don't get deliveries from Battenkill. It was this forklift operator who then asked if maybe I was supposed to go to the Hannaford in North Troy.
I made it over to the other store by 7:30am but the guy had already left.
So, here I am....8:30am (way earlier than I'm used to being up) and no Battenkill ice cream.
I do, however, still have Stewart's ice cream left over from their two kits of Make Your Own Sundaes that they donated. I had planned to also give that out tonight for suggested donations but....I'm kinda hesitant. On top of the fact that I've had rotten luck with these experiences so far, it's also only supposed to be about 50-degrees today.
I think I'll still be walking around giving people LLS info but not sure about the ice cream...I may wait til a nicer day for it.
Wait for it.....Aha!
New plan: ice cream party at my apartment. Everyone is invited. But I get to wear my pjs and eat as much ice cream as I want. With all this running around for LLS, there's been a few times where I've forgotten or hadn't had time to eat. Time to gain that weight back with marshmellow, strawberry, chocolate syup, caramel Sundaes from Stewart's.
I feel better already.


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