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Monday, March 26, 2012

North Carolina Prepares for Hunger Games Tourists

I'll admit upfront: I did not read Hunger Games. I have not watched Hunger Games. I'm not sure I will either. But, for the record,I am hungry while writing this so that has to count for something, right?
Due to the popularity of the movie, tourism bureaus in North Carolina where a large part of the movie was filmed expect an influx of film tourism.
I guess, just judging on the photos I saw of the locations and the dreary nature of the movie, I'm surprised anyone would really care to visit these places.
As you probably know, I love traveling (thus the travel blog) and I use just about any excuse to do so. But seeing some run down shacks in the middle of the east coast South just doesn't sound appealing at all to me.
This probably is because, as I said, I have not seen the movie nor really plan to but I kinda wonder if the tourism bureaus will be just a little disappointed in the turn out at these sites.
Sure, it'll be cool for bragging rights and to even further immerse yourself in the story's not like it's LOTR's New Zealand scenes with fjords and mountains and Hobbit huts (which are also available to visit -
That's my opinion.
But, since I know I'm not always in the majority, here's the link to the site with further info for the North Carolina locations:


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