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Monday, May 7, 2012

Grocery Stores Galore in the Capital District

This YNN story on the NYS Retail Council's site finally made me realize.....that I'm going to get soo fat from shopping at all the new shopping markets coming to the area.
ShopRite, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's. There's even grumblings of Wegman's (finally) coming to Saratoga Springs - something about a handshake pact between them and Price Chopper that is now void after the death of one of the gentlemen in the agreement.
And despite recent changes in their stores, pretty sure Hannaford is going to go the way of the A&Ps and Grand Unions that used to be in this area.
Price Chopper, however, I think will continue to flourish though they're taking precautions to make sure this is the case (ie the gas incentive going up from $50 to $100).
I'll admit, I went to the ShopRite when they opened in Niskayuna and it was pretty epic with great selection, good prices and friendly staff. I especially liked the electric car parking/re-fueling, even though I don't have an e-car.
I've heard really good things about both Whole Foods and Trader Joe's (not to be confused with Troy's Trader Ed's) but I've never been in them. I'll probably go once the hype settles down a bit and I still want to check out the new Albany ShopRite.
Maybe even Edward's and their cool cardboard boxes will come back to the area too.....if they're still around? (anyone know if they are?)


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