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Friday, October 5, 2012

Albany Distillery is Open, Sold Out for Weekend

Apparently post-Prohibition business is good for the new distillery, near Quackenbush Square at 78 Montgomery St., in Albany. So good, in fact, that they've sold out until early next week, according to one of the public relations folks for the new business.

If you're interested in visiting the place - maybe when they have products again - here's a bit more about them:

Today, the Albany Distilling Company (“ADC”), Albany’s first licensed distillery since the beginning of Prohibition, officially opened its Downtown Albany facility with the debut of its first product, the Coal Yard Distillers’ Series New Make Whiskey. 
 Co-founders John Curtin and Matthew Jager were joined by Albany Mayor Gerald D. Jennings, Deputy County Executive Christine Quinn, State Senator Neil D. Breslin, Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce Loan Portfolio Manager , and Kinderhook Bank Vice President Ann Finnegan, in addition to friends and fans of craft distilling.

ADC’s first product will have a unique flavor that displays the grains and raw elements of the whiskey rather than the typical barrel taste. The Coal Yard Distillers’ Series New Make Whiskey (“Coal Yard”) is a whiskey distilled from bourbon mash. The name comes from the actual coal yard that existed in the space where ADC’s main production facility is currently located. It is distinct in color from traditional, mainstream whiskey – whereas most whiskey is known to have an amber color, Coal Yard is clear.

“It's not what people expect. But we're capitalizing on the idea that people will want to taste the grains and the ingredients going into them. We're hoping they'll enjoy the spirit that made whiskey famous for hundreds of years,” said John Curtin, co-founder and co-owner.

With a 600-liter still from German manufacturer Kothe, most of the ingredients used will be sourced locally in the New York State.

Coal Yard will be available in select locations in Albany starting Friday, Oct. 5. 

“We are using local New York State grains not available to the huge scale industries. We're getting an heirloom variety of open pollinated, organic corn from a distillery out in the Finger Lakes and I've been talking with farmers in the Helderbergs about growing some ingredients for us,” said Matthew Jager, co-founder and co-owner.

The company was co-founded by Curtin, a former English teacher, and Jager, a business professor at the College of Saint Rose. Due to the passage of the New York State Farm Distillery Law in 2007, Curtin and Jager jointly applied for a state license for distilling, allowing them to form ADC. After a lengthy location search, Jager and Curtin were able to find a suitable location in their home city - Albany.

ADC’s main production facility, located at 78 Montgomery Street adjacent to Albany’s Quackenbush Square, started construction last year.

“We’re proud to bring distilling back to Albany. It was a tradition here for centuries, and ended nearly 100 years ago, and we’re excited to be part of restoring that heritage back to this area,” Curtin said.

Financing for the Albany Distilling Company was provided by Kinderhook Bank of Kinderhook, N.Y.. Design work for all artwork was completed by id29 of Troy, N.Y.

Additional company and product information can be found online at, on Facebook (, and on Twitter under hashtag @AlbDistCo.

Tour Information
Tours and tastings at the facility will be on Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 8 a.m., and by appointment. Tour attendees will receive, with a $10 admission, a guided tour by one of the co-founders. Tours will begin on Tues.,

Products sold at ADC
Coal Yard Distillers’ Series New Make Whiskey
750ml Bottle with 9 oz. Whiskey Glass - $31

Albany Distilling Company t-shirt
All sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) - $15

9 oz. Whiskey Glass with Albany Distilling Company logo
Glass - $5


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