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Monday, August 20, 2012

Accommodation in Old Forge - The Narrows Cottages

It was less than two weeks until our trip to Old Forge and we had not yet found a place to stay. I think we had expected to be able to find a nearby camping ground but that did not work out as planned. So, I basically spent half a day looking through this list of accommodations.

I emailed anyone and everyone desperately looking for somewhere with availability. The majority responded - almost immediately - to inform me that they were booked. But of the few that did have vacancies - I thought the Narrows of Old Forge looked the nicest. And now, two weeks later and a day after our trip, I'm glad I went with that decision.

The lodging option is less than a mile from the main village area yet you feel like you're practically camping with a provided picnic table, charcoal grill, lawn chairs, and fire pit for each unit.

The interior of our cottage was rustic but sufficient for what we needed it for. There was a small kitchen area - that was stocked with pots/pans/utensils/plates,etc. The sitting area sat three comfortably (perfect for our group). The bathroom was small but had a toilet (indoor plumbing trumps camping) and a shower.

 The bedrooms - one with a full size bed and one with a bunk bed - were do-able though we found it odd that there wasn't a ladder for the top bunk. My friend who was going to sleep there shared the full size with me instead - which was comfortable enough. Though my friend who took the bottom bunk said it was a bit hard.

I'd say my favorite part of the place was that it was on the water - a narrow part just off the main lake in Old Forge. And the Narrows takes full advantage of their water front property - there's a sun deck, a deck under tree coverage with lots of tables/chairs for the various guests to meet and socialize, and there's a dock with a few chairs to vege out right on the water.

For water activities, there is swimming in a roped off area - but it looked more like a swimming area for ducks and I was informed by a couple girls who went in the water that it was kinda mucky/shallow.

But, aside from swimming, there was also boating - with a canoe and paddle boat provided for guests to share.

The proprietor, Patty, made a point of introducing herself and was very friendly. She also made sure to get our pilot light going in our furnace so we wouldn't be cold that night - since it was one of the first cold weekends of the summer.

We watched a family of deer across the narrow eat their dinner along the water and were greeted by a buck the following morning.

All in all, I'd say it was definitely worth it for the $100 we paid for the cottage for one night. Considering they rent out by the week and also have the place available in the colder seasons, I wouldn't mind staying longer next time.


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