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Monday, August 20, 2012

Review of Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Isn't it usually the case that when you revisit a place with childhood memories, it's a lot smaller than you remembered? Not so with Enchanted Forest Water Safari. It got bigger.

To be frank, I loved the place as a kid and I might love it even more as an adult.

First off, it's cheap. I think I'm starting to understand why the place is such a huge hit with families (well, other than for the obvious reasons). As of the 2012 season, tickets are less than $30 for adults (12 and over), about $26 for kids (3-11), and free for real youngins. You also get in free the next day if you pay for a ticket after 3pm, or after 2pm on days they open at 10am.

From a family point of view, the Enchanted Forest portion of the park is great for little ones. There are fairy tale themed houses everywhere with several carnival rides in the middle of the park. And the water park has areas with mini-rides (even a Kids Carwash) for the kids and parents.

 The park is relaxed about what you bring in - coolers are allowed - so that's another way for a family to save some money.

It's marketed as the state's largest water theme park and it's heated water is highlighted.

From an adult point of view, the place has classic rides like traditional water slides with mats, fast/tall slides, practically vertical flumes, and the Amazon (a raging river sort of ride where you carry up your own tube for up to three adults or two adults/two kids and come down on a bumpy and wet chute - I'm pretty sure the water for this ride is not heated, though. Brrr. And it also had the longest line we waited in).

There were completely dark water rides and a fun new one is the Curse of the Silverback which is partially enclosed and partially going in a circular motion - kinda like you're going down the toilet.

There are two areas of water rides - the old ones mainly in the front and the newer section in the back. Both have lazy river areas with kid rides. A tidal wave pool is kinda in the middle.

Maybe we lucked out on the day we went but it was a no-rain day, with mostly sun, and the lines weren't bad at all (longest was about 45minutes). Might have also helped it was a Sunday instead of the traditional Saturday.

The Old Forge summer vacation spot - where the fun never stops (as the jingle goes) - is about 2.5 hours away from Albany. Well, depending on how fast you drive and if you take I-90 to Rt 28, or the Northway to Rt 28. The village is also great for fams since nearly everything is within walking distance.

The one odd - but kinda interesting - thing I found while at the park was that in between the provided music they actually played commercials for themselves. As if "Enchanted Forest, Water Safari - where the fun never stops" wasn't already engrained in my memory....forever. But, it is true. And I probably will go back - as an adult with friends and eventually when I have a family of my own.


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