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Friday, July 27, 2012

Ghost Tours at Fort Ticonderoga in August

It's a little early for talks of ghosts and ghouls for Halloween's never to early to learn about alleged apparitions at a historic site.
Fort Ticonderoga, located a couple hours north of Albany, was just featured on the SyFy Channel's show Ghost Hunters. Now they are offering tours that talk about the gory events that took place there.
The 90 minute, $35 tours, taking place at 8pm on Fridays through August, will talk about the fort's -sometimes violent/scary - history.
And you know it's going to be good when the press release says: "These tours are not recommended for the faint-hearted."

Here's the press release:


(Ticonderoga, NY) Dare to be brave this summer at Fort Ticonderoga’s Garrison Ghost Tours and enter private areas of the Fort where mysterious and unexplained events have occurred. The ninety minute walking tour in and around the Fort offers historical context to the many frightening stories that are part of Fort Ticonderoga’s epic and gruesome history.

The Garrison Ghost Tours highlight Fort Ticonderoga’s haunted history and unsolved stories featured on Syfy Channel’s well-known series,Ghost Hunters. These tours are not recommended for the faint-hearted. Ages 10 and up are highly suggested.

Fort Ticonderoga is well known for its long and often violent history. Constructed in 1755, the Fort was the scene of the bloodiest day of battle in American history prior to the Civil War when on July 8, 1758 nearly 2,000 British and Provincial soldiers were killed or wounded during a day-long battle attempting to capture the Fort from the French army.  During the American Revolution nearly twenty years later thousands of American soldiers died of sickness while defending the United States from British invasion from the north.
The tours begin at 8pm and offered on Fridays through August. Tickets are $35 per person and advanced reservations are required.  For more details or to reserve tickets, call 518-585-2821 or visit

America’s Fort
Located on Lake Champlain in the beautiful 6 million acre Adirondack Park, Fort Ticonderoga is a private not-for-profit historic site and museum that ensures that present and future generations learn from the struggles, sacrifices, and victories that shaped the nations of North America and changed world history. Serving the public since 1909, Fort Ticonderoga engages more than 70,000 visitors annually and is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Fort Ticonderoga’s history.  Accredited by the American Association of Museums, Fort Ticonderoga offers programs, historic interpretation, tours, demonstrations, and exhibits throughout the year and is open for daily visitation May 18 through October 18. The 2012 season features the Fort’s newest exhibit Bullets & Blades: The Weapons of America’s Colonial Wars and Revolution which highlights over 150 of the museum’s most important weapons and is a comprehensive and expanded reinterpretation of its world renowned historic arms collection!  Visit for a full list of ongoing programs or call 518-585-2821. Funding for the 2012 season is provided in part by Amtrak.  Visit for a special 2 for 1 Amtrak offer! Fort Ticonderoga is located at 100 Fort Ti Road, Ticonderoga, New York.


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