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Friday, October 12, 2012

Norwegian Cruise Lines' 14-night Cruise Advertised for $600

Since I'm probably not going to be able to take advantage of this pretty darn good deal, I figured I would share. (aren't I nice?)
Not too much notice - the cruise is Oct. 21 and is 14 nights - but if you have flexible work hours or if you're retired you could make out paying just about $50/night for a Caribbean cruise. Not bad.
It starts in NYC - great for NY state residents like moi - and goes to St.Thomas, Barbados, St. John's, Cozumel, and ends in New Orleans. So, you could make it an even more extended vacation with a visit in N'awlins.
One thing I have noticed in my (limited) experience with cruise sites is that the advertised price and the actual price are usually very different animals. And usually, but not always, it might be cheaper to just buy direct from the cruise line instead of using or But, cruisecheap, in cases like this 14-nighter, doesn't seem to be too bad or vary too differently from buying direct from Norwegian.
Though, instead of paying $600 - after taxes and fees - it'll probably be more like $800.'re getting a 14-night vacation, with meals and entertainment on board, for $800. That's a good deal.
If you live in NY, PA, CT, or MA, make sure you say so on the site to qualify for a resident discount to encourage travel from NYC and Boston.
Also, don't forget your passport.


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