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Monday, November 12, 2012

Venice, Italy Flooding Sixth Highest since 1872

Venice is known for its flooding. But this is ridicules.

With the Albany, NY area hitting a nearly record high today (at 67-degrees, just missing the 68-degree record), then across the Atlantic and over the Mediterranean, near the Adriatic, there's major flooding in Venice.

The San Marco piazza is partially underwater, as are other parts of the canal-filled city.

The cause of the overflow was two storm systems that raised the tide more than four feet above usual, according to this Washington Post article.

(Luigi Costantini - AP)

Flooding is common this time of year and Sunday’s level that reached a peak of 58.66 inches (149 centimeters) was below the 63 inches (160 centimeters) recorded four years ago in the worst flooding in decades, according to the AP.


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