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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Upgrades at Disney World

Call it a new and improved way of visiting Mickey Mouse and the gang. It's Disney 2.0, but they're calling it MyMagic+ and it starts in the spring.
The folks at Disney will be investing almost $1 billion to equip their parks and guests with new technology that includes bracelets for visitors that can act as their ticket into the park and a way to purchase items easily once there, just like a credit card (kinda sounds like what most cruises do now already - probably even the Disney one).
MyMagic+ will also allow would-be/soon-to-be guests the opportunity to choose up to three FastPass tickets on rides before they even leave for the park.
This is starting at Disney World  - with about 30 million visitors annually - and I'm guessing, if successful, will expand from there.

For more info, check out this NYT article.


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