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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reviews of the Triumph Cruise on Cruise Critic Site

Finally, some - overall - objective thoughts and reviews of what happened on the Carnival Triumph without all of the hype from media (granted, I am a member of the media but I have to admit my colleagues definitely overhype things - heck, even I overhype things).

There are a few reviews on about the infamous four day trip that turned into a much longer ordeal (sounds kinda like the three hour tour in Gilligan's Island - only without the radio made out of coconuts).

We all heard the quotes from people talking about sewage and waste in areas of the ship, and the lack of food due to hoarding. So, part of me thinks that a couple of these reviews are a bit toooo objective, and too kind (I mean, some gave the cruise Five Stars)  and therefore kinda suspicious given the emotional anguish these people must have gone through - but that is the conspiracy theorist in me.

For those interested, the reviews can be found here:

Some highlights:

From Cruise Critic member semichigan:
"Then, Sunday.5:30 am the announcement (in the cabin) "alpha team, alpha team, engine room 1, alpha team engine room 1"Well I can tell you that is scary. I don't know how I knew, maybe I had read it on cruise critic, buti knew that the alpha team meant there was a fire. "

From Cruise Critic member TXregulator:
"I had a GREAT time on my first cruise!! And yes...I was on the Triumph!! It was NOT THAT BAD!! It was akin to camping in one's own backyard as a kid. The crew was great, we were well treated, food was plentiful, water was restored quickly and the toilet issue was a minor inconvenience."


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