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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dunkin Donuts on JetBlue Flights

Am I the last person to hear that JetBlue serves Dunkin Donuts?

I saw a photo with the DD logo on the backs of the airlines seats today and looked up info on it. A USA Today story from 2006 popped up about it. Wow, I'm apparently really behind. But then I don't usually fly on JetBlue either...maybe I should.

And apparently the cooperation between the cheaper airline and the America-Runs-on-Dunkin corporation extends further - according to this site, you could get 10 percent off JetBlue flights with a purchase of 1 pound of DD coffee. But, again, I'm behind since this expired in 2012. DDang.

Well, just an fyi in case they bring these offers back.

(A Dunkin Donuts photo which said they had FrienDDs in High Places - I would have gone with flying the FrienDDly skies)


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