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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Swimming Pool Memberships in the Capital District

Believe it or not, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend: the official start of summer. Etiquette says you can finally break out the white clothes again. And the temperatures say it's time to go swimming.

I start thinking about summer swimming early - well, actually,I probably never stop thinking about summer swimming. Or swimming in general.

So I figured I'd share my recent research on memberships at area facilities with pools:

Italian American Community Center (Albany) - What sparked my search was a flyer at the Italian American Community Center that caught my eye when I was visiting that Washington Avenue Ext. location not too long ago. They have an outdoor heated pool, about 60 x 30. And, according to the flyer, it seemed like they had summer memberships which allowed access to the pool from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

I just heard back from someone at the IACC and they said it was $225 or $275 for the approximate 3 month period. But, like the other places, I looked at - I believe this also includes deals like their Two for One Monday buffet and access to their other facilities (*achem* Bocce ball, anyone?).

Sidney Albert Jewish Community Center (Albany) - This facility (mainly known as the JCC) includes an indoor and outdoor pool. The outdoor one is open the end of June to early September. And the indoor one is open 5:30am-9:45pm Mon-Fri with shorter hours on the weekend.

Membership varies but they have a short-term membership of four months which is $244 for an individual - there are also membership options for couples, families, seniors, young adults,etc.

Rudy A. Ciccotti Center (Colonie) - This place particularly markets themselves to swimmers and water lovers. Just take a look at their opening paragraph of their website: "This amazing, state-of-the-art family recreation center offers a fabulous Aquatic Center with a fun-filled activity area that includes water slides, splash pool, and lazy river. The Aquatic Center also features a 25-yard lap pool, leisure pool, warm water pool, and wet party room. The facility offers the perfect place for swim lessons, group exercise programs, birthday parties and more."

Membership rates are not on their website - you have to reach out to them to apply. Which, in my opinion, is a bit odd - it's kinda like your joining a swimming cult or something. But it might be worth it. According to a response I got, adult membership starts at $56/month. You can see their entire response below, including info about a promotion they're having through May 31.

Capital District YMCA (Various Locations) - You really can't talk about pools in the region without at least mentioning the YMCAs. The quality and size of the pools differ (Troy's is a bit small - 20 yards - with no jacuzzi, Albany's also does not have a jacuzzi, while the Guilderland and East Greenbush ones are the same 25-yard size with pretty large adjacent jacuzzis/steamrooms/saunas.)

Membership is $47/month for an adult, with options for families and seniors as well.

RPI and Emma Willard also have pools. I used to lifeguard at the Emma one so I know they have allowed residents to use it but their site says otherwise. I'm sure RPI would probably be open to non-students/faculty using their beautiful facililty as well.

If you like your swimming environment to be a bit more natural - here's a list of local swimming holes too.

And here's a list from AOA of mainly area municipal pools.

(From the Ciccotti Center:
Our membership rates are based on the number of people in the household and their ages: The first adult (age 18-61) is $56 per month, and additional adults (ages 16 and up) are $30 per month. Children (ages 6 months through 15 years) are $15 per month. We only charge for the first four members of the household, oldest through youngest, and the fifth member and up is free. (Seniors, age 62 and up, are $48 per month as the first adult in the household.)
You can join on either a monthly or annual basis. If you are a monthly member, we charge you electronically at the beginning of every month from an account of your choosing. If you join on an annual basis, you prepay for the year upon joining, and we give you an additional month (your 13th month) for free!
Whether you decide to join as a monthly member or as an annual member, we are currently having a sale offering 100% off of our enrollment fee through May 31st, so this is a great time to join and save some money. (After May 31st, our one-time enrollment fee is $75 for one adult, $125 for two adults, $150 for three adults in a household, and $25 for a youth-only membership.)
We have a no penalty, no hassle cancellation and refund policy too! Cancel on or before the 20th of a month, and your expiration date is the last day of that month. Cancel on the 21st of a month or later, and your expiration day is the last day of the following month. With annual contracts, we will also refund the unused portion of your year immediately after your expiration date (not including the free month, of course.)
If you have additional questions, please feel free to write again or to call me directly. And I hope you'll stop in for a free, no obligation tour. There is so much to share about the benefits of membership and the features of the center. No appointment is necessary; just stop in at your convenience. We know you'll love it here too!!
In good health,

Debra Lambert
Center Director
Rudy A. Ciccotti Family Recreation Center
30 Aviation Road
Albany, NY 12205
Ph: (518) 867-8920
Fx: (518) 694-0704


Blogger Jeny Thomas said...

Are the pool filters installed for the cleanliness of the pools.. and is it really true that the membership is $47/month ?

May 31, 2013 at 5:12 AM 
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