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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Redbox Offers Streaming Free Trial

We've all been there:

You're at the grocery store about to walk out with your cart of newly-purchased items and you see the Redbox, which is literally this big red box. Surprised that there isn't the usual long line at the miniature entertainment facility, you look at the clock on your cell phone and figure you have a few minutes to browse.

There's new titles, games, and some old classics. You find at least one or two movies that you wouldn't mind paying the $1.08 (w/ tax) to see overnight.

But then, your adult/financially assertive conscious sets in, and you realize you probably won't have time that night to watch the film and you really don't feel like paying more than $1.08. On top of that, you already have Netflix - which, while it's a jumble of random old and new (mostly bad) movies/shows, it's *you're* jumble of random old and new (mostly bad) movies/shows. And you take pride in that instant que you've compiled.

So, in the end, you decide not to use Redbox. And so the cycle continues.

(photo from the Redbox site)

This happens to me nearly every time I go to the grocery store. And, I'm guessing, it happens to most everyone else since the Redbox folks are expanding to include an $8 package with 4 DVDs from their kiosk each month plus streaming, powered by Verizon and you apparently don't need to sign anything to stick with Verizon.

Sounds a bit familiar, right? And they're offering a one month free trial (again - a bit familiar).

Well, I do have to hand it to Redbox, they're selections are usually a bit better than Netflix and the $8 price is competitive so I'm curious about who will end up getting the package. Or, this may mean that Netflix might have to step up their game and get less B,C,D movies and more awesome 80s/90s throwbacks.

If you're interesting in trying the free Redbox Instant trial, check this site out.


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