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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Scientists Find Camping Re-Sets Internal Clock

If you haven't gone camping yet this year, you should. If anything - aside from the fresh air, mountains, streams, lakes, swimming, quality time, hiking, relaxation,etc,etc - camping apparently helps your circadian clocks.

A study recently published monitored people's everyday lives versus camping in Colorado, keeping track of their melatonin levels and sleeping cycle. Those in the Rocky Mountain state all synched up on their trip to rise and rest depending on the sun, according to a BBC story on the study.

(while camping outside Yellowstone National Park)

Scientists figure that all the unnatural light from electronics probably are mostly to blame.

I'm actually going camping this weekend, but I don't quite think this same thinking will apply since we're going to be at a beer festival at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown - tent city, vendor food, peeing in weird places, and drinking waaaaay waayyy WAY too much.

I wouldn't mind seeing some kind of study done of people at Belgium Comes to Cooperstown, though. It, honestly, would probably be fascinating.


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