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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tonight: Summer at the Plaza Kicks Off

It's summer! (in case you couldn't tell by the 80-90 degree temperatures and the Summer Solstice)

Summer also means your tax dollars hard at work for community entertainment at the Empire State Plaza. The free concert/entertainment series starts tonight with bands playing at the plaza from 5pm-9pm.

Tonight's line up includes: Hard Soul, Et Tu Brucé, and The Zombies.

(from the OGS site)

There's been some annoyances with the "Ground Rules" at all the events which include no coolers and no alcohol. My response to that: isn't that what they say about most area events and people are somehow able to bring them in anyway? I guess we'll see how they uphold the rules.

You can see a complete list here of the Summer at the Plaza events, also including Bret Michaels, Kansas, movies on their Open Air Cinema, and a New Music Festival.


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