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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bolt Bus in the Northeast

While driving back from Boston this weekend, I noticed a bus line I hadn't seen before: BoltBus.
A quick online search shows that they seem to be similar to Megabus in that they also offer $1 deals and wifi. In the process of trying to check out their prices, for some reason their site wouldn't allow me to try to book a trip but it seems prices vary from about $25 to $1 one way.

Bolt Bus is a subsidiary of Greyhound. One-way fares, according to their spokeswoman who emailed me, start at $1, with the the highest fare adjusted based on demand so the earlier customers purchase their tickets for lower prices.
In the Northeast, BoltBus offers stops in Boston, New York City, Baltimore, Newark, Philadelphia, and DC. They're also located on the West Coast including LA, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Vancouver, San Jose, and even Albany - Oregon, that is.
The service does not seem to be out of Albany/Rensselaer yet but, if they grow at all in the area, I bet they'll service the Capital District eventually.


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