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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day - a couple days late - I was thinking of how my mom has helped me with my travels through the years.
For my first international trip to Germany for an exchange program in 9th grade, it was my mother who took me shopping for new clothes for my trip. She also bought me multiple books to read on the plane about some of my favorite heart throbs at the time (Leo DiCaprio and Matt Damon).

(view of the valley in Geislingen an der Steige, Germany where I did my exchange)

It was my mom who bought me my London guide and AAA Europe travel book for my study abroad in England followed by a Eurail pass trip.
It was my mom who I called halfway through my Eurotrip when I was extremely homesick in Berlin and needed to hear a familiar voice. She offered to book a plane ride home early. I think we both knew I wouldn't want to actually come home early, but it was extremely comforting to have the offer.

(in Bath, England - circa. 2004)

It was my mom who, as a belated college graduation gift, paid for my airfare to Egypt/Greece in 2007 and bought me a guide for that two week trip, which I read religiously by my apartment complex's pool the summer before the journey.

It's my mom who I always visit right before a long trip to say goodbye, and my mom who I think of first when buying souvenirs abroad. (I'm still proud of a beautiful amber necklace I bought for her in Barcelona that she wears with most of her outfits for work)

It was my mom who gave me the funds for another flight when I missed a connection to Ireland from England for a wedding.

And it was my mom who helped pay for a cruise my dad and I took to celebrate my 30th bday last year.

My mom has been extremely supportive of my work and play. While she's not really interested in traveling anymore herself, I try to do what I can to help her see the world through my trips, many of which were inspired by my mom's diverse interests.

(my Mom :) )

It's past Mother's Day, but it's always nice to stop and think what our mothers have done for us and to be thankful.


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