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Monday, June 16, 2014

Free Fitness Fun in Capital District

Over the weekend, I was one of about 40 people to do a free yoga class at the Riverfront Park in Troy as part of a fitness incentive sponsored by the Downtown Troy BID.

It was relaxing, energizing, meditative, muscle-building, :)

The Free Fitness Series runs through August. The Heartspace Yoga & Healing Arts Studio will offer the yoga classes through July 13, every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Riverfront Park - located across from the Uncle Sam garage. Parking is also available in an adjacent parking lot near the park.

There were kids and adults at the class and it seemed to be open to anyone.

In case of rain, the classes will be held at the Heartspace yoga studio at 10 Second St. in Troy.

Then, across the river, the city of Albany started a 1609 Fitness Challenge for city residents in which participants can get points for working out. Then, prizes will be given to people with the most points.

Albany residents can enroll at multiple free fitness locations and then earn one point per day for working out for at least 30 minutes at one of those sites. Residents can also earn a half-point for working out on their own. The most a participant
can earn is 1.5 points per day.

Those interested can enroll at Lincoln Park Fitness Center [Pool House - Eagle St & Morton Ave], Arbor Hill Community Center [50 N. Lark St], City of Albany Department of Recreation Office [7 Hoffman Ave], or Quail Street Boxing Gym [91 Quail St].

This will run from June 16 (today) to Aug. 22, with a finale on Aug. 23 with fitness challenges and prizes.

I thought this sounded cool but I'm not an Albany resident so I don't qualify. Poo.


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