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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

UnPlug for Charity Week 3

This was a weird week for my "Unplug" quest since I actually used social media twice this week for work - once to message a person for a quote and then for Live Tweeting/Facebooking of Wednesday's casino decision in NYS.

What I have realized thus far is that I can survive without social media (and social media can survive without me), but it is nearly impossible to be a journalist without social media.

I've also made some other observations, as in past weeks:

1) I am noticing more flashbacks and that I'm having a better overall memory. This isn't saying much - my memory has always been bad - but I've been able to remember more without my print and digital calendars lately.

2) With that in mind, I had a flashback of when I was a kid and used to pretend I lost my voice to get attention. I'm starting to wonder if that's how people perceive this effort - as a further cry for attention. Though I am raising money for charity in the process. And, if you really think about it, most things on social media/online are for attention.

3) I don't miss obligatory weather posts. Ya know how whenever it snows, or rains a lot, or it's freezing or extremely warm, you *have* to write a hopefully-funny post about it? Well, I don't have to.

4) I miss posting proud moments.

5) Writing Christmas Cards is a tad harder without referring to Facebook for proper spellings.

6) Likewise, networking and friend-working is harder without my usual follow-up friend request after meeting someone.

7) It's kinda hard to go off and on and off and on social media. It's easier to do two weeks straight without social media than it is to only go on once per week.

Well, I really appreciate the support with this so far. Feel free to continue to check in here and donate to my two GoFundMe sites: and


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