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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cursed Classrooms...

While researching for my Top 10 blog of haunted Capital District spots, I found there were quite a bit of educational institutions with ghost sightings.

I guess, the classrooms aren’t just scary for the students.

Lansingburgh’s old high school: If this story is true, it is truly scary. There have been reports for years of the ghosts of children playing in one of the rooms. They are allegedly the ghosts of children murdered by a former teacher with an axe in 1936. That teacher is also said to roam around, with the axe.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s West Hall: Dating back to 1868, the large building was once a hospital and now houses the college’s Arts Department. It is said that a woman dressed in an old white nurse’s outfit haunts the building. The story has it that she died in a fire while trying to save children being treated in the hospital. Apparently, she’s a fairly friendly ghost.

Sage College of Albany’s Graphic Design Building: The ghosts of children who died in a fire at a former orphanage at the site have been cursed to hang around in the building.

College of St. Rose campus: There are at least four buildings on the small Albany campus that are reported to be haunted. The ghosts include one of a female fire victim, a priest, a musician, and a gardener.

UAlbany’s dorms: Mahican Hall, on Indian Quad, is haunted by a young female ghost and another dorm on the Alumni Quad is also haunted by the ghost of a woman. Sightings are seen all year, even when school is not in session.

For good measure, I’m also including the state’s Education Building: In a sub-basement section of the large structure, there is a legend that someone fell in wet cement while laying it. Now, that man’s ghost haunts the lower sections of the building, called ‘the dungeon’ by some. There are reports of lights turning on and off, and books mysteriously falling off the shelves.


Blogger Frank LaPosta Visco said...

RPI's West Hall was also Catholic Central High School until it moved to the former Cluett Peabody Research Center in Lansingburgh. I was in the last class to spend part of my first high school year "on the hill," but I never saw a ghost there, just the principal, Monsignor Mulqueen, mopping the floors, with a Parodi hanging from his lip. Scary enough.

October 29, 2010 at 7:40 AM 

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