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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Must-Miss Destinations List....?

Peter Greenberg recently released his “Must-Miss Places of the World” and I can’t help but disagree with a majority of his picks mainly due to his reasoning behind the choices, plus I strongly feel that there are very, very few places in the world that should be missed.
Just as an example, “Sweaty New York City” made the top 10. Granted, I agree that New York City is not a pleasant place to visit in the middle of the summer but saying not to go there completely just because of the season is like saying not to go to Niagara Falls in the winter because of the snow – yes, it’s freakin’ cold and that area gets a heck of a lot of snow, but the winter freeze is also quite charming with the frozen falls (not to mention there’s less tourists).
If a traveler has already booked a flight to NYC, and it happens to be in the middle of summer, I surely would not tell them to change their plans. Actually, I would tell them to cool down in the awesome museums, check out the seasonal hot dog vendors, and sample the yummy and colorful flavored ice sold on street corners.
Maybe I’m just more of a see-things-on the-bright-side person (or maybe I do not have editors that said you need to come up with a list of horrible places in the world).
In any case, telling people not to go somewhere just because the temperature might go up top 100-degrees is silly. (Sahara Desert, anyone?) There’s always an oasis amid the uncomfortable heat.
The list also included the state of Vermont. That’s right. The whole state.
Apparently, the fact that there are a high percentage of polluted lakes is a reason to “must-miss” the Green Mountain State. I’m sorry, what?
Vermont always tops the lists of great vistas for the fall foliage, for historic locales, and for quaint weekends of B&Bs and antiquing. So, for me, it’s mind-boggling that some high levels of PCBs might deter leaf-peepers. But, then again, I did grow up along the Hudson River, PCB-capital of the Northeast.
So, instead of saying someone should miss Vermont. I would just say – Swim at your own risk.
My opinion, the list should have been named “Most Dangerous/Uncomfortable” not “Must-Miss.”

Here’s the full “Must-Miss” list:
10. Shishmaref, Alaska – because of the melting sea ice and the town literally disappearing into the sea due to global warming.
9. Jackson, Tenn. – to miss during tornado season
8. New York City – heat in the summer
7. Naples, Italy – a dirty spot (this I will agree with but I still think it’s worth a trip to see the city’s Pompeii exhibit)
6. Western Kentucky – stinky cow poop (not unlike the country’s entire Bread Basket?)
5. Nuclear Power Plants – radioactive, duh
4. Galway, Ireland – poor water quality
3. Vermont – polluted lakes
2. Nevada – high crime rate
1. Canada’s Highway 16 – where there has been 43 unsolved murders in the last three decades


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