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Monday, September 20, 2010

Seafood with Britney Spears....

I am the worst quasi-member of the paparazzi ever. Let me explain…
Once Jon realized where we were going for his birthday - Cape Cod - he wanted to get seafood. We must have had seafood for nearly every meal while there. And I was OK with that because I love seafood too.
That first night, we drove down the main drag near the Blue Water on the Ocean resort and we found the Riverway Lobster House in Yarmouth. We could not have found a better eatery if we had researched it.
We had the choice of eating in the tavern or the dining room and Jon chose the more-casual tavern ambiance. Maybe, subconsciously, he wanted to see the Cap Cod-ites squirm as the Boston Red Sox lost to Toronto that night.
Just around the time Jon got his Lobster and Crab soup (yeah, it was amazing), he noticed the couple next to us. I had my back to them but eventually I too looked over and saw a pretty blonde with bangs and her apparent dark haired boyfriend. I didn’t think much of it.
Jon, however, was suspicious, especially when the woman stood up. She had an almost unnaturally-nice body for the east coast.
He tried to say something quietly to me. But, the men drinking martinis next to us were being very loud and I couldn’t quite make out what he said. Eventually, I made out: “Britney Spears.”
I turned around as nonchalantly as possible again. “Noooooo.”
I really didn’t believe it at first but the more I turned around and the more I thought about it. It made sense and it did look a lot and sound a lot like her.
According to the tabloids, she was in Boston that weekend shopping and we were only about an hour or so from that area.
The kicker was that she was wearing the same diamond ring as pictured in the tabloids. (*for the record, I don’t normally read tabloids but I had brought some along that weekend because I have been mysteriously receiving “Us” magazine for free for the past month and I figured it would be good beach material*)
My first reaction, was probably the reporter in me – to take her picture and maybe even sell it. But, the more I thought about it, I felt kinda bad. She obviously does not get a lot of privacy as it is and it did not seem like anyone else in the tavern had noticed it was them. I did not want to be the one to giveaway their secret.
It was the respectful thing to do.
So, I enjoyed my grilled seafood and rice, Jon had his seafood pasta dish, and we got our chocolate chip canolis to go.
We went to our hotel’s private beach, drank our Mayflower beer, and watched the moonlight on the dark, calm water. And I knew I had made the right decision. I mean, would I have wanted someone to disrupt my boyfriend and I as we sat on the beach that night?
A “Privacy Please” hotel room sign would definitely have been appropriate.


Blogger Jessica said...

Well are by far way too nice and understanding. However, I hope good Karma makes its rounds for you...go buy a lotto ticket ;)

October 6, 2010 at 4:04 PM 

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