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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Journey Back in Time

This might be a stretch for a travel blog, but I wanted to recommend taking the short drive to Proctor's tonight to see their showing of The Complete Metropolis, a 1927 black and white silent film.
I've probably lost your attention now, after you read that the movie is 83-years-old. Yeah, that's about as old as my grandmother....and, like my grandmother, time has been kind and the movie has aged well.
Accompanied by a brilliant organist (I have to give him props for being able to play the instrument for about 2.5 hours straight), the movie has themes that we can still relate to today: good vs evil, the love of a father for his son, the power of love, religion and revenge, man vs machine, and the strife of the everyday working man.
From the first scene, I had a feeling this film would be brilliant. It showed the shift change at a machine center, the core of a big city. The workers, with their heads down, are wearing drab gray uniforms. Some are walking from the machines at a slow, dragging pace and some are just starting their shift. I don't think a modern day director could have captured that moment any better.
Yes, there was overacting and you had to laugh a bit at the male actors' mascara. And, yes, the main theme of the movie (that the hands of the workers and the brain of the executives need to find a common ground which can only be accomplished with heart) was emphasized again and again on the title cards in between the scenes at the end of the movie to make sure we knew what moral of the story we needed to walk away with.
That was just how movies were done in that time period.
Along with the entertainment of the movie, it was so cool experiencing a movie that was seen 80-plus years ago. I tried to pretend that we were back in that time again and I encourage you to do the same at tonight's showing.
The Fritz Lang sci-fi movie, complete with 25 minutes of footage that was discovered in Argentina in 2008, shows tonight at 7:30 at Proctor's. It's $12, not much more than a Regal movie ticket. But, unlike Regal, popcorn is only $3 for a large.


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