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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Preppiest School in the Country

While I was at my college reunion this weekend - admittedly I did do other things besides eat - one of my classmates told me that our alma mater was recently voted the preppiest school in the country.

Well...she was right.

I just found this article on Social Primer which, as a result of a poll, lists St. Lawrence University as the top preppy institute with the usual runner ups like Princeton, Georgetown, Connecticut College and Colgate (which I also looked at attending).

I knew very well when I attended the college that it was rather...preppy. We were known by the "townies" as the country club and there were an unsual amount of men wearing pastels and pink. And let's not forget the popped collars. Oh, the humanity. (But I did it too....especially to keep warm. Remember where SLU's a frozen tundra. Not exagerating - there were regular frost bite warnings and I still remember the sensation of my nose hairs freezing.)

I remember girls in my sorority finding a library book from the 1980s which also listed SLU as a prepster school and said, basically, it was a good place for women to get their MRS (aka find a rich husband).

As a further testament to prep status of the school - also known as Larryland - friends of mine brought their newborn baby to the reunion and dressed him up in burkenstocks, khaki shorts, and a light blue, plaid shirt. They called it their "Larry" outfit. My friends were making fun of the idea of such an outfit...but I saw many people at reunion wearing that very same getup...only in an adult size, of course.


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