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Monday, September 26, 2011

Free Ice Cream!

You may have noticed a trend with me...if it's free, I'm usually there.
That's the case for the Bomber's free burrito day, Ben and Jerry's free ice cream day, when there's free concerts, etc. There's another annual free day I've come to add to this list. And that's the free Cold Stone Ice Cream day which happens to be Sept. 26 this year from 5pm to 8pm at the Cold Stone in Stuyvesant Plaza.
I first heard about it since I volunteer with Make A Wish and the donations/proceeds from the event, dubbed the largest ice cream social, go to Make A Wish.
There's a minimum $2 donation to enjoy the ice cream which, this year, includes brownies, sprinkles, fudge and was crafted by a Make A Wish child.
So, I'm helping Make A Wish, eating fudge/brownies, and it's technically free (or free-er than the usual high Cold Stone prices) - um, yes please.


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