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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Iceland really is nice...

I came to Iceland more on a whim than anything. I was looking for cheap flights to Europe for the wedding and found that it would be cheaper to take a flight to Iceland then connect to the UK.
And, now that I'm here, I realize there is so much I didn't know about this country and I could have made a whole trip out of coming here.
I'm packing in a lot for the four days I'm here and so I'm leaving bright and early in the morning to see the Golden Circle (yeah, I'd never heard of it before either until I came here).
Here are some photos of what I've seen thus far.
(from top to bottom: a white house that stood out nicely near the Iceland Highlands, that's a shredded fish and potato dish with delicious brown bread that I wish I could get in the states, a faint double rainbow,me standing on a glacier that is the second largest in Iceland, and downtown Reykjavik at sunset)


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