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Friday, August 26, 2011

Disparity of renting a car in Iceland

So, after seeing how cheap it was to rent through in Ireland I thought I'd see if it'd be worth it to rent one in Iceland too. I was looking into the bus trips there and they were atleast $150 each. I thought a rental would be cheaper.


According to my quote tonight, it would be (at the least) $285 per day to rent a car there.


I mean, I heard things would be more expensive there since it's an island but...I did not expect that price. I mean, my quote in Ireland was $90 for three days! And, anyway, Ireland/the UK are on islands too, damn it.

Aside from island living and trying to make up for the shabby economy, my guess is maybe the Iceland bus tours have a deal with the rental companies.

Or maybe not.....because when I check this site it's down to only about $55/day. What? Maybe German-based Sixt just really doesn't want to be in Iceland. Even though even they're on that site listed with a lower quote.

Or maybe I just shouldn't be looking at rental car quotes at 2:30am....good night.


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