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Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Americans don't take vacations

This past week I've finally realized why Americans don't take's because, like clockwork, there will be a million things to do the week before and the week after the vacation.
This week has been busy. I like busy - but not when I'm also getting ready to go on a trip that involves re-booking a canceled flight, renting a car internationally (which I did today through, by the way - Yay. It's mega cheap too! I guess we'll see how that works out), and learning all of the different/odd ways to get money with my Keybank debit card (a woman from Keybank was very patient with me today while I was on the phone with her for about 15 minutes). I just called Keybank to inform them of the soon-to-be odd activity on my account and they then informed me that I may have to use letters and extra numbers to access my account abroad. Didn't know that.
I was reading though that in a 2003 study 47 percent of people surveyed said they would not use all of their vacation time and 58 percent said it was due to job stress.
For seriously! I'm doing my regular work, trying to do work ahead of time so the newspaper will be good while I'm gone, schedule stuff for when I get back, and do last minute planning.
And there just Had to be a hurricane and earthquake.....


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