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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I knew it!

This is one of those times that I am not proud at all to be right. In fact, it's made me all that much more stressed.
So, yesterday I wrote about how all of these bizarre activities - the hurricane, earthquake,etc - were bad omens. I thought maybe it was just foreshadowing a volcanic eruption or other disaster.
I'm that not lucky.
I got an email today from Iceland Express saying that my flight from Iceland to Boston was canceled, and I could either get my money back or re-book with another flight.
You'll never guess where the other flight would go to.....Newark. That's right. The airport that was just voted worst in the country by Wall Street Journal.
Well, my co-worker pointed out this could be a blessing in disguise - I could just never come back and live in Iceland forever. And I have to admit, that would be kinda cool, especially after everything I've read about the country's beauty.
I have less than a week until my departure to Europe (that flight, by the way, was also changed but only by an hour or so) and a couple weeks until I come back. I guess I have to make my decision in the meantime...


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