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Friday, August 5, 2011

Worst Airport Award goes to...

...Newark Liberty International Airport.
According to the Wall Street Journal, most delayed flights either start or end in Newark.
"Of the 100 most-delayed flights over the past year, 40 come and go from Newark, a key gateway to New York City, according to data compiled for The Wall Street Journal by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics."
The two most chronically delayed were Delta flights going to Atlanta.
I guess that means it might not be a good idea to fly from Newark to Atlanta.
Personally, I have flown out of Newark once and into Newark once - for a roundtrip to/from Germany. Even though it was half of my life ago (14 years ago), I still remember the flights being late leaving and coming back from my month-long exchange program. My parents were not happy. I didn't mind too much at the time. I mean, I was a kid and getting away from your parents as a teenager is kind of a goal.
I have yet to utilize the airport as an adult though friends of mine are for the Ireland trip coming up. I'll have to see how their flight goes.


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